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Site Promotion – Are You Cheating Yourself Out of Visitors?

If you aren’t using social sites such as MySpace, Digg, and Yahoo! Answers to tap into new audiences and promote your product, service, or website, you are cheating yourself out of near infinite traffic potential.  Social sites, from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to social bookmarking sites such as Yahoo! Buzz, Digg, and, to question and answer communities like Yahoo! Answers and Wiki Answers are gold mines for targeting prospective customers.  Here’s what you need to know to get the most out of each type of social site.

Social Media Sites

Social media sites enable you to target people who have already expressed an interest in your product or service.

Marketing Tips:

Join groups relating to your market niche, post links to interesting sites on the Web (including your own), and post polls surveying readers about their interests.

Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites allow users to share their Bookmarks/Favorites with their friends by voting on stories they like.

Marketing Tips:

“Digg” and “buzz up” articles you post on the Web. Make friends on social bookmarking sites so that other users will see the articles you “like.” This can help make an article go viral.

Question and Answer Communities

In question and answer sites, users ask and answer questions submitted by other members of the community.

Marketing Tips: Answer questions relating to your product, service, or industry. Provide valuable information and helpful advice, then include a link to your website as a reference. Be sure to focus on answering the question and providing value, rather than just promoting your site.

Internet Home Based Business Tips to Encourage Innovation

Innovation is often the reason for the success of businesses. To get recognized, you’ll need to be innovative and differentiate yourself from the competition so that people notice you and invest in your product or service.Even as your business grows, you need to continually employ new creative ideas in order to stay ahead of the competition, since you are not the only one selling a particular product or service. If you don’t innovate, your competition surely will.Internet home based business tips to encourage innovation:If you want your team to come up with new ideas, you must cultivate a culture which is conducive to innovative thinking. You must always try to be the first person to come up with new ideas to increase the productivity of your business and maximize profits. That way you will be pushing yourself to open your mind for new learning and input.You are the leader and your team will observe and try to emulate what you do. If you are innovative, your team will take on your character and be even more innovative. Now that is how to encourage innovation in your Internet home based business.Be open:As a businessman, you will have certain strong and weak points. As such, it is important that you have an open mind that is receptive to new ideas. Your team will sometimes come up with ideas that you may not have thought of. You’ll need to be the most approachable person in your business.Let them work:As businesses grow bigger, they tend to employ a top to bottom approach. The top brass decide on what the employees are supposed to do and how they should work. There is very little room for innovation in such places and business growth tends to be slow. However, that is not the case with your home business.You have a certain advantage when you run a business from home. Here there are fewer people and it is easy to take in new ideas. Instead of advising your team on how to work, you should set common goals and give a few guidelines with fixed time frames. How each person reaches his goal is left up to them.Often, even in big organizations, the best employees are self-leaders. They force their bosses to give them a free hand and accomplish their tasks in their own unique style. If you want your team to innovate, give them the freedom to do so. That is truly how to encourage innovation in your Internet home business.Incentives:Aside from letting people work in their own way, go one step further and encourage them to do so by rewarding them for coming up from innovative ideas. This will give them even more reasons to work harder and to be creative.An integral part of your business strategy must be to encourage innovation in your Internet home based business team members or employees. A good idea on one day can turn into a poor one the next day, depending on consumer demands, newer technologies and your competition.

Establishing Your Home Based Business

We all try to avoid red tape whenever possible, but it seems to follow us around where ever we go. Establishing a Home Based Business is no different. In fact, making sure you have been successful in meeting all the red tape requirements before you open your doors for business is going to be less of a headache in the long run.The first thing you need to do is to determine the format of your business. Are you going to be the sole proprietor? Or would some other option like a partnership, a limited partnership, or even a corporation serve you best? Each of these business options have their pros and cons. Make sure to take the time to review each of them and determine which one will suit your interests best.For example, a sole proprietorship is the quickest business to set up, but it also has comes with greater personal liability. Incorporating will separate your personal interests from your business interests, but this will require legal oversight that may be time consuming or expensive. So be sure to take the time to review the different options and how they will affect your home based business.The next step in establishing your home based business is to check with your local government about laws pertaining to home based businesses. Most local governments require you to purchase a business license or reseller certificate. They certainly aren’t going to pass up any opportunity to get their hand into your tax pocket. So make sure you are properly licensed and certified to do business out of your home.While you are taking care of the licensing business, you should probably step over to the zoning office to make sure your home business will not violate any zoning laws. It would be a shame to find out after spending time and money in setting up a home based business that you do not live in an area that permits business to be carried out in residential areas.Now, you will need to check into insurance options. You need to face the fact that we live in a litigious society and liability insurance is probably a good idea. Not every home based business will encounter the same degree of liability, so not every home based business needs the same level of insurance. But it is always wise to check into the possibilities. You don’t want to find yourself in a mess down the road because you thought you could skip this step in the beginning.And finally, you need to purchase equipment and tools that will allow your business to function. Don’t skimp here thinking you can wait a couple months for profits to start pouring in before equipping your office. You need to be able to satisfy your customers from day one, and if you are lacking an important piece of equipment like a copier or fax machine, they will find that an annoyance, and look elsewhere. So take the time to fully outfit your home office before you open your doors on the first day.Remember that while red tape is annoying and it slows things down in the beginning, cutting through it in the beginning is going to save you headaches in the long run.